Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Manley Family

This last Sunday I took family portraits for a friend of mine, Pam who I met through a local MOMS Club. She is married to John and they have two great kids Justin and Marissa. They've had quite a year, John was diagnosed with cancer late last year and is thankfully now in remission. John and Pam are looking forward to a trip to Hawaii in a couple weeks for a more than well deserved vacation. Justin and Marissa are wonderful kids, a bit shy, but they finally let their guard down a little for me to capture some great shots. Pam told me that the last time they had family pictures done was when Marissa was a baby, so they were well over due. And with the weather gearing up for what is does best in the Northwest, we had to take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasted. Pam and John, have a wonderful time in Hawaii, you truly deserve it! Justin and Marissa, thanks for being so awesome and taking such great pictures for your mom and dad.