Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Glassman Twins

Yes, I said twins! Allison and Kara were born on September 9 and they were just 6 days old when I took these pictures. Jackie is another friend of mine from MOMS Club. We had originally planned some maternity photos, but the girls had other plans and Jackie was put on bed rest until the girls were born. The girls came about a month early and have been doing very well since their debut. They both weighed over 5lbs at birth and were able to leave the hospital a few days later with their mommy. Allison and Kara join big brother Trevor, who is still dealing with becoming a big brother and having to share his mommy and daddy. He reminds me of my nephew, who would rather not discuss his new sibling. My nephew only had to deal with one little sister and little Trevor has two little babies to figure out. He's curious about his sisters, but he still isn't quite sure what to think. Scott and Jackie have their hands full with a toddler and preemie twins who must eat every 2 hours! They're amazing parents and hardly seemed fazed by their family count growing from 3 to 5. Okay, they're a little tired, but who wouldn't be! Jackie and Scott, you're both wonderful and the girls are simply beautiful. Trevor, thanks for the one picture, I'll get you next time when you're not so compounded by everything around you!

Aren't they beautiful?



The only shot I got of Trevor with Kara.


Tamera said...

Absolutely darling! I'm sure they will treasure these images always. Good job! Tamera