Sunday, August 31, 2008

An amazing little girl

After my baby's first birthday party I had the opportunity to take some pictures of a friend's daughter. Kiyra is a beautiful two year old that loves to chit-chat and place dress up. She's all girl and loves dresses. For two, Kiyra is like any other toddler, curious about her world, but there's also one thing that sets her apart; Kiyra is trilingual. Kiyra's father, Cristian, is from Chile and her mother, Yi, is from China. I have a couple friends that have children that can fluently speak both English and Spanish, but Kiyra can also speak Chinese. It's so fun to listen to Kiyra switch from either language while speaking to her parents without even hesitating. It's awesome that Cristian and Yi chose to teach Kiyra their native languages. It's even more amazing to listen to this little two year old girl speak three different languages with such ease. Kiyra, it was fun to chase you around the garden, you were so patient knowing there was a playground only a few feet away.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Girl

So, just a few days ago my friend's daughter Keelie met a big milestone in her life, her first birthday! Cari, Keelie's mother, is actually my younger sister's friend from high school that moved up here. It was nice to have someone move up here that I knew, even though a lot of my memories involve her and my sister getting into trouble. Cari moved up here with her husband Will when he was stationed at Fort Lewis.
Keelie is Cari and Will's first child. She's a beautiful blond haired girl with the most amazing blue eyes. Keelie reminds me a lot of my older daughter because she is such a serious baby. She's a thinker. While my youngest, who is 12 days younger than Keelie, will laugh at almost anything; Keelie will just ponder and study the situation.
Keelie, Happy First Birthday! You made me work very hard to get these pictures! Cari and Will, she's amazing!