Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Essentials

A portfolio is essential, plain and simple. I can't imagine being hired by someone, without them being able to see my work and know, at the least that I can operate my camera. All photographers are different. Different styles, different perspectives. You can have two people photograph the same event and, I bet, the pictures will be completely different. You may even prefer one over the other. Portfolios allow some to look at a photographers work and see their perspective of the world around them. Some may not prefer one's work, but another may love it. This is why portfolios are important and why I am currently working on beefing mine up.
So, to beef up my portfolio I have been going to my friends and offering my work at practically nothing. My latest shoot were of some friends of mine expecting their first baby. Olga and Bilal are so excited to become parents and I loved being able to capture this happy time in their life. I remember expecting my first baby and love to see that joy my friends are now experiencing. After dinner over the weekend, we ventured down to the park where I got to share in their joy by documenting it. I even got a few shots of their dogs, Leo and Maja. Pregnancy suites Olga, she's radiant and it was easy to see how much Bilal adores Olga. I can't wait for the time to come for me to take some newborn photos.
Olga and Bilal - Thanks for letting me share in this happy time and for also, helping me out at the same time. Much love to you both.




Olga said...

Very nice blog, Lacy! Thank you so much for taking our photos and saying such nice things about us in the blog :) It was a lot of fun and we LOVE the pictures!!!