Friday, July 4, 2008

The Beginning

For years I have dabbled in photography. As a child I always had a camera, it started off as one of those simple point and shoot cameras that took 115mm film. I had a purple one for a little while, until Shamu splashed it and left it ruined. In high school I did yearbook and newspaper for a couple years. My parents got me first SLR camera for Christmas one year and later got me my Digital SLR. I've always liked to take pictures and I don't know why I didn't study Photography while I attended college. So now, here I am with this yearning to do more with photography. I have a great deal to learn, but I am getting there with the help of a couple friends in the business and some books to understand the basics a little better.

I've named my business High Hopes Photography. It was going to be Lacy Lynn Photography, but everyone here has that middle name and uses it for their photography business. Whiled I was a little dismayed at this revelation at first, I knew another name would come. One night, while rocking my daughter to sleep I was humming that High Hopes tune. I don't know all of the words, so humming works. As a mother, I have high hopes for my girls and want them to be happy in life. Photography makes me happy and I have high hopes to make a career out of it one of these days. And there it was, High Hopes Photography. I have a little logo that I drew and I should have it up soon.

So, to begin I am offering shoots for next to nothing. Mainly to establish a portfolio and learn to use my camera better. My first little mini shoot was my friend's daughter, Jessica. She's a wonderful girl with a beautiful smile and personality. She's really got it all together for being so young. It wasn't an easy task since I had both my girls with me. My oldest, Hayley adores Jessica and wanted to be in the pictures too. Besides keeping track of the kids, the shoot was fun and I think I got a few good ones. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

You are really an awesome person, and I am so glad you're my friend. I love the pictures of Jess, and look forward to many, many years of sharing fond memories between our two families.
Always, Cindy