Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Deltete Family

Just last week I had a pleasure of photographing the Deltete Family. I know Karen from a local mom's club. Her son, Kai, is just a month younger than my youngest. Mark is in the Navy and just got home after being out at sea for over 6 months. It was a nice crisp fall day, perfect for pictures. We took these at Grant Avenue Park in Everett. Kai had a great time playing in the leaves and bringing me sticks. Karen, Mark and Kai: It was fun! I had a good time trying to get Kai to look at the camera with his little loin!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, the wonderful lady that cuts my hair asked if I wanted to come by and take pictures of her kids and their friends going to Homecoming. I thought, why not, it'll be fun. It brought back many memories of those days back in highschool. Mikal has three girls and two were attending the dance that night. She had a busy day getting her girls ready, as well as their friends. Here are a few snap shots.

It was a little harder to get the boys to do this!

Mikal and the other parents snapping away.

Harley wondering what's going on.

This is my favorite.

The finishing touch.


This handsome little guy is Hunter. He is my daughter's dance teacher's nephew. His aunt, Jamie, wanted some photos done of him for her brother as a Christmas gift since he's never had any professional pictures taken. It's also a surprise. I was more than happy to oblige. Hunter was adorable in his monkey costume! The weather was awesome and Hunter had a great time playing in the leaves. Thanks for bringing him Jamie, it was fun!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Glassman Twins

Yes, I said twins! Allison and Kara were born on September 9 and they were just 6 days old when I took these pictures. Jackie is another friend of mine from MOMS Club. We had originally planned some maternity photos, but the girls had other plans and Jackie was put on bed rest until the girls were born. The girls came about a month early and have been doing very well since their debut. They both weighed over 5lbs at birth and were able to leave the hospital a few days later with their mommy. Allison and Kara join big brother Trevor, who is still dealing with becoming a big brother and having to share his mommy and daddy. He reminds me of my nephew, who would rather not discuss his new sibling. My nephew only had to deal with one little sister and little Trevor has two little babies to figure out. He's curious about his sisters, but he still isn't quite sure what to think. Scott and Jackie have their hands full with a toddler and preemie twins who must eat every 2 hours! They're amazing parents and hardly seemed fazed by their family count growing from 3 to 5. Okay, they're a little tired, but who wouldn't be! Jackie and Scott, you're both wonderful and the girls are simply beautiful. Trevor, thanks for the one picture, I'll get you next time when you're not so compounded by everything around you!

Aren't they beautiful?



The only shot I got of Trevor with Kara.

The Manley Family

This last Sunday I took family portraits for a friend of mine, Pam who I met through a local MOMS Club. She is married to John and they have two great kids Justin and Marissa. They've had quite a year, John was diagnosed with cancer late last year and is thankfully now in remission. John and Pam are looking forward to a trip to Hawaii in a couple weeks for a more than well deserved vacation. Justin and Marissa are wonderful kids, a bit shy, but they finally let their guard down a little for me to capture some great shots. Pam told me that the last time they had family pictures done was when Marissa was a baby, so they were well over due. And with the weather gearing up for what is does best in the Northwest, we had to take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasted. Pam and John, have a wonderful time in Hawaii, you truly deserve it! Justin and Marissa, thanks for being so awesome and taking such great pictures for your mom and dad.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another year

Hard to believe, but a little over four years ago my husaband and I were eagerly anticipating the birth of our first daughter, Hayley. I was nervous, excited, scared and went through a whole range of emotions before she came into my life. My husband and I were blessed when our "itty bit" was born in August 2004. We were then blessed again August of last year when our second daughter Ryan was born. I have a hard time believing that time is constant because it just flies by so quickly at times and then seems to slowly creep by during others. I fondly remember the days when Hayley was an infant and scoff at the fact that she recently started Pre-K. I'm having an even harder time believing the Ryan is one. I waited longer than I expected to become pregnant with Ryan and that time just seemed to drag on and on; so it is now so crazy to me that she's a year old. Knowing how quickly time can pass I remember to cherish the moments I have with my girls and always look forward to our adventures as a family. I become so emotional knowing that they're growing up and I hate to think of how I react once they are grown and leading lives of their own. Hayley and Ryan, I love you both more than you'll ever know. Your Daddy and I are truly blessed to have you two, our girls, in our life.

The tutus in these pictures were custom made for the girls from an awesome boutique in Snohomish, Wa. Visit for custom tutus and more awesome things for kids and moms!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

An amazing little girl

After my baby's first birthday party I had the opportunity to take some pictures of a friend's daughter. Kiyra is a beautiful two year old that loves to chit-chat and place dress up. She's all girl and loves dresses. For two, Kiyra is like any other toddler, curious about her world, but there's also one thing that sets her apart; Kiyra is trilingual. Kiyra's father, Cristian, is from Chile and her mother, Yi, is from China. I have a couple friends that have children that can fluently speak both English and Spanish, but Kiyra can also speak Chinese. It's so fun to listen to Kiyra switch from either language while speaking to her parents without even hesitating. It's awesome that Cristian and Yi chose to teach Kiyra their native languages. It's even more amazing to listen to this little two year old girl speak three different languages with such ease. Kiyra, it was fun to chase you around the garden, you were so patient knowing there was a playground only a few feet away.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Girl

So, just a few days ago my friend's daughter Keelie met a big milestone in her life, her first birthday! Cari, Keelie's mother, is actually my younger sister's friend from high school that moved up here. It was nice to have someone move up here that I knew, even though a lot of my memories involve her and my sister getting into trouble. Cari moved up here with her husband Will when he was stationed at Fort Lewis.
Keelie is Cari and Will's first child. She's a beautiful blond haired girl with the most amazing blue eyes. Keelie reminds me a lot of my older daughter because she is such a serious baby. She's a thinker. While my youngest, who is 12 days younger than Keelie, will laugh at almost anything; Keelie will just ponder and study the situation.
Keelie, Happy First Birthday! You made me work very hard to get these pictures! Cari and Will, she's amazing!